What is a contract

Contract law cases dictate and determine how business is run by providing an interpretation of statutes many of which have been created to govern the way in which business is carried out. A contract is quite simply an agreement where money or value changes hands between at least two legal entities that can be either individuals or limited companies, in exchange for doing something or not doing something which the law recognises and enforces.

Does it need to be in writing?

In most cases a deal can be done and enforced without the need for it to be in writing however the main exemption to this general rule in the UK is that transactions involving land and real property must, in the main, be evidenced in writing and signed by the parties before they are enforceable in law.

Interpretation of Statutes

Whilst the actual statutes passed by parliament are the starting point for interpretation of what the law makers really intended it is often the case that clarification of the intimate detail does not take place until there is litigation on a disputed factor. Contract law cases provide definitive interpretation of the law and effectively can clarify and amend law until such time as the law is again, at a later date, re-considered by parliament and altered either in the form of amendments or consolidation or by the passing of entirely new statutes which may cancel one or more of the older acts.

The outcome of a trial

Litigation will identify which elements need to be present to form a valid and enforceable agreement. Contract law cases explore and explain whether or not an agreement is enforceable and often clarifies the remedies that are available to a successful claimant. The outcome of a trial may involve the payment of damages or an order that the initial agreement is carried out in accordance with the contractual terms.

High Street solicitors

Many high street solicitors operate a litigation department and will attempt to deal with commercial cases however it is correct to say that whilst most are competent dealing with general practice litigation including divorce, crime and debt collection many will not have the experience necessary to efficiently deal with complex commercial contract litigation.

Experienced lawyers

The law firms on our commercial panel are inevitably large city centre practices that have the resources and expertise necessary to carry out corporate litigation efficiently and successfully. If you have suffered financially as a result of a broken business agreement our lawyers can help you put into action your legal right to compensation. We offer free consultations to give you initial advice about whether you have a good case and can advise you on how to go about taking legal action. Our lawyers will give you clear, unequivocal advice about your chances of success and the anticipated value of the claim. If having talked to us, you decide not to take matters further then that is not a problem. You are under no obligations and we will not charge you anything at all.