About Us

Business and Commercial Solicitors UK is a legal referral agency that represents a national network of solicitors in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that have substantial experience in commercial law and a department dedicated to company and partnership matters. This website is an advertisement for this service. The network solicitors have no control over the content of this site and Business and Commercial Solicitors UK has no control over the solicitors to whom potential clients are recommended. We make no charge to the client for the use of our referral service.


The information contained on this website is not legal advice which should only be obtained personally from a qualified solicitor or barrister. Do not use this website as a basis to ignore previously obtained legal advice and do not delay seeking legal advice because of something you have read here. The owners of this website disclaim all liability for any loss or damage sustained as a result of actions taken after a visit to this website the content of which is for educational purposes only.

Data Protection

We fully comply with the legislation and delete all personal information held about any individual at the conclusion of the enquiry. The appointed solicitor is however required to keep a record of the matter.

Privacy Policy

We take privacy seriously and will never under any circumstances disclose any information to anyone except the solicitor appointed to give initial advice. No personal information is collected relating to you or your computer by merely browsing this website.


The law referred to on this website relates to England and Wales however there are usually similar provisions that apply to Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have network solicitors in all three jurisdictions that are able to service your company and commercial needs.